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The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity of delight. The capacity of delight is the gift of paying attention
— the artist's way

My work in Printmaking is inspired by those minute details that don’t really matter at all but catch my eye and spark a fire of connection. I take that split second of spark with that object and run with it. I’ll write it, draw it, stencil it & see what creative journey it takes me on through the press. I embrace the small connections that happen around me every day and they help guide me in my work and allow the creative energy to simply flow. The key is to not think too much about it. If it sparks it - it sparks it - I think Marie Kondo said that.

📷cred @Erika Pontes

📷cred @Erika Pontes


Bodies of Work



Janice Lin is a San Francisco based artist who is making the pivot from tech & business to craft. Recent work has been in monotype printmaking with focus on stenciling with fish prints and natural compositions.

Lin’s bodies of work represents transitions. Transitions & phases in light, tone, personalities and the emotions tied to it.

If you have interest in buying or collaborating, please reach out via contact page or email @

📷cred @Olivia

📷cred @Olivia


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